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5 Ways to Protect Your Immunity From 2020

As we reach the halfway point on 2020, it's become clear that we won't be getting a full stop on the COVID-19 outbreak anytime soon. We understand that it's impossible to stay fully quarantined forever (whether you're an essential worker or just need groceries). However, with our background in immune enhancement, we want to take this opportunity to offer some ways you can keep your immune system at the top of its game!

  1. Keep fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet: Although these foods alone will not fight off infection, antioxidants and nutrient diversity both play large roles in immune regulation: research shows that 5 or more portions of fruits/vegetables significantly increases antibody response.

  2. Sleep at reasonable times: Insufficient sleep means insufficient cytokines, which are critical proteins that compose your immune response. It takes at least 7 to 8 hours for most working adults to productively foster cytokine growth.

  3. Wash your hands: The most obvious rule on this list, but arguably the most important one. We unconsciously come into contact with thousands of objects daily (even while quarantining), and all it takes is one harmful germ to trigger infection. Scrub for at least 20 seconds and thoroughly dry.

  4. Regulate your gut balance: As experts in the immunity/probiotic field, we can attest to the importance of maintaining healthy bacterial balance in the gut, whether via probiotic supplements or fermented foods (yogurt, kefir, kombucha, etc). If you don't know where to begin, check out our pages on Probiotics and Allergy Immunity.

  5. Research Vitamin-C rich foods: Vitamin-C encourages white blood cell production to fight infection, but it's surprisingly present in many unexpected foods. Find out which ones you have access to, and try to work them into your diet!

Relax at home whenever possible, and wear a mask. Stay safe!

- The ReAlign Team



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