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6 Ways That You're Harming Your Microbiome!

Just like the valley above, the gut microbiome is a diverse and wondrous place full of undiscovered inhabitants. Unfortunately, your microflora is equally susceptible to harm! Below, we discuss 8 ways that you may be inadvertendly harming your microbiome (and thus harming your overall quality of life).


1. Too Much Stress!

Altered blood flow in the gut (a common symptom of excessive stress) has effects on the bacteria present in the gut that are yet to be fully understood. However, one thing is clear: your microbiome does not benefit from these alterations! Therefore, by minimizing your stress, you maximize your microbiome!


2. Not Eating Diverse Foods!

As explained by the valley above, the gut microbiome is intended to be a diverse place that offers diverse benefits. Think of each different flower above as a strain of bacteria: when every non-pathogenic strain is present, they work cohesively to create a beautiful place. But by focusing your diet too heavily on certain kinds of foods, you may be limiting your microbiome! More than 70% of the typical Western Diet is composed of only 12 plants and 5 animals! To ReAlign your microbiome, try consuming different kinds of food!


3. Not Consuming Pre/Pro-biotics!

Your gut is regularly wiped clean of a large portion of its bacteria- from antibiotic treatments to illnesses, our gut microbiome is constantly changing: why not refill it? Probiotics are essentially strains of "good" bacteria that fill the void created in your gut by everyday life. A prebiotic is also essential, since without one, almost all of the bacteria inside of a capsule would be lost to digestion; the prebiotic ensures that the helpful bacteria is able to establish colonies in your gut!


4. A Lack of Physical Activity!

Without regular physical activity, the levels of the fatty acid butyrate drop off. Butyrate is essential to your gut, as it is responsible for many of your body's daily processes (as well as producing many helpful strains of bacteria). Furthermore, exercising helps to regulate your metabolism, which in turns regulates the health of your gut. Studies have confirmed that professional athletes have much larger and more diverse microbiomes than the average person! So once in a while, take your gut for a walk!


5. Not Drinking Enough Water!

Water is essential to life. This has long been accepted as a basic rule, and one of the reasons why is your gut microbiome! When you maintain proper hydration, your body is flushed of pathogens and toxins (which is headaches and many other symptoms are only noticed while dehydrated). If you want to protect your gut from malignant bacteria, make sure that you stay well hydrated!


6. Not Getting Enough Sleep!

The gut follows a rhythm, the same way you and I do. If you want to learn more about this, please click here! However, since this is a very complex matter, we've summarized the conclusions for you: When you disrupt your circadian rhythm, your gut is unable to adapt and is consequently harmed. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a number of diseases, most of which are due to this same disruption. If you want to maintain a healthy microbiome, make sure you're getting the appropriate amount of sleep!



At this point, you may be wondering why you should go to all this trouble just for your microbiome. Well, the microbiome is essentially a reflection of your body's overall health. You may have noticed that many of the above tips are also commonly given as general rules of health. If the microbiome reflects your health, it's only logical that protecting and developing your gut also works in reverse! By protecting your microflora, you're also boosting your overall quality of life! The Wall Street Journal further elaborates here!


As always, thank you for reading, and please share this post to help raise awareness about our mission! Learn more about our probiotic supplement in the "Why ReAlign?" tab!



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