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ReAlign your immune system today with a revolutionary blend of natural probiotics. Allergy Immunity supports your immune system in the face of allergies and promotes a healthy bacterial balance.

Taking one pill every morning will yield noticeable boosts in allergen resistance, digestive health, and overall comfort during seasonal allergy flare-ups!

To thank our loyal customers for their patience with shipping challenges during this difficult pandemic, we're offering 25% off every order with code "REALIGN20" at checkout.


Probiotic bacteria are unique, living organisms that must be protected from environmental factors to maintain their livelihood and beneficial properties. To support that level of protection for consumption, we have switched to Stability Shield™ bottles for unsurpassed protection. When tested, the Stability Shield™ bottle has been proven to maintain or increase the cell count specification far beyond that of typical packaging types.

NOTE - Purchase of this product is an act of legal agreement that no packaged units or individual capsules of "Allergy Immunity" will be resold in any form without the express permission of the original retailer.

Allergy Immunity Probiotic

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  • ✓ Vegan

    ✓ Gluten Free

    ✓ Non GMO


  • 30 Capsules

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