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Welcome to ReAlign Therapeutics

We are always looking for new ways to help you with any situation you are in. Probiotics are just the surface as we explore more possibilities for allergies and much more!

What should you do if you have allergies?

Allergies are different for every person, severity, longevity, and the source. Some people can inherit, develop, but most commonly have them since birth. A surprising number of allergy patients grow out of their allergies in their lifetime. Of course we recommend taking our new allergy immunity probiotic to alleviate symptoms.


When taking Allergy Immunity, try experimenting with foods you are mildly allergic to develop tolerance.

The science behind it

  1. Our probiotic stimulates dendritic cells, which present your food to your immune system, if you eat the food in very small doses it is possible to develop a tolerance for expedited results!



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